Stephanie Beaudeau Emsworth

About Us

About Us

Helping Children Reach Their Potential

Stephanie Beaudeau Emsworth and her team of experienced education and mental health experts provide a variety of therapy services to help young children and adolescents maximize their academic potential and become successful communicators at home, school and in their community. Stephanie is a dedicated and compassionate New York State Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist. She is very outgoing and engages her clients in fun and meaningful activities, to encourage motivation and commitment towards the therapeutic process.

Our Mission Statement

Building A Brighter Future For Children, One Step At A Time.

At EARLY FOCUS THERAPIES, we strive to help children reach their full potential. The first step in this process involves an evaluation of the child’s skills in the various domains. Next, an individualized treatment plan is developed and implemented. Parents are provided progress reports and are given the opportunity for parent training and staff consultations.

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